The Fullest Full Stack Clojure Web Framework

Coast is a complete web application framework for developing web apps in less time and more fun

Get Started with Coast
(ns server
  (:require [coast]))

(defn home [request]
  (coast/ok "You're coasting on clojure"))

(def routes (coast/routes [:get "/" home]))

(def app (coast/app {:routes routes}))

(coast/server app {:port 1337})
Get Started with Coast

The missing clojure web framework

Making a modern web app can be crazy. Between tracking down up-to-date, secure dependencies and your own application code, things can get out of control quickly. Coast on Clojure makes it much easier and more fun. It includes everything you need to make great web applications.

⚡️ Fast

Coast was made to take your ideas from thought to completion to as fast as possible

👮‍♂️ Secure

Coast takes security seriously and helps you avoid many common security mistakes

🎉 Fun

Make web development fun again with consistent syntax and lightning fast feedback via the REPL