Installing Coast is a simple process and will only take a few minutes.

System Requirements

The only dependencies of the framework are java and clojure.

Ensure your versions of those tools match the following criteria:

TIP: You can use tools like jabba to help manage multiple versions of java at the same time.

Installing Coast

From Coast CLI

Coast CLI is a command line tool to help you install Coast.

Install it globally via curl like so:

curl -o /usr/local/bin/coast && chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/coast

Make sure to add the /usr/local/bin directory to your $PATH.

Once installed, you can use the coast new command to create new Coast apps.

For example, to create a new application called zero, type the following into your terminal:

coast new zero

Serving the application

From the CLI

Once the installation process has completed, you can cd into your new application directory and run the following command to start the server:

make server

This command starts the server on the :port defined inside the env.edn file: http://localhost:1337

From the REPL

Or you can run (server/-main) from your REPL. The REPL server can be started from the terminal with:

make repl

Then connect to the editor from your REPL with one of these handy guides:

After the editor is connected to the running REPL server, add this to the bottom of the server.clj file:


And move your text editor's cursor over any of the letters in -main and press the keyboard shortcut for "sending the text under the cursor" to the REPL server. The http server will start and you can navigate to http://localhost:1337