Contribution Guide

Open Source projects are maintained and backed by a vibrant community of developers and collaborators.

You can and should actively participate in the development and the future of Coast either by contributing to the source code, improving documentation, reporting potential bugs and/or testing new features.


There are two ways to communicate with Coast's small community

  1. Github Repos: Share bugs or create feature requests against the repos
  2. Twitter: Stay in touch with the progress on the project every day and be informed about awesome projects built with coast

Bug Reports

Any and all bug reports are welcome, there are no formatting requirements or requirements of any kind!

Bugs will hopefully be fixed as they come in, but usually get fixed in a week or so

PRs are also very welcome!

Coding Style

Unfortunately, clojure doesn’t have any official coding style yet so coast uses this guide


When adding a new feature to the core of the framework, be sure to create or add to one of the markdown doc files in docs/.

This will help everyone understand your feature and keep the documentation updated.